Swap for Sweets

We spend so much of the year focused on healthy living and eating, it almost feels like the holidays are a special treat to ourselves. Here’s your reward for all of your hard work – unlimited cookies, cakes, pies, brownies, eggnog, hot chocolate, candy canes, you name it! Now, holidays with family have become synonymous with sweets.

And, of course, a slice of cake is fine, but it’s almost impossible not to overindulge when you have a lovely Christmas spread right before your eyes. This year, we urge you to consider your options.

Grab some Daily Greens juices to bring with you for the holidays. Challenge yourself to swap a sweet for a green juice. You’ll get a burst of nutrients and naturally occurring sugars from organic fruits and vegetables, instead of processed sugar. Other strategies that might help, load those plates with vegetables and protein to feel full for longer and if you’re going to enjoy dessert, share a slice with a loved one or serve yourself a smaller portion.

Give yourself the greatest gift of health. Happy holidays from the Daily Greens team!

The Results Are In! The 21-Day #DGChallenge

with the weather cooling down and the year coming to an, it becomes easier and easier to shift into hibernation mode – lots of sleeping, eating and inactivity. this is particularly common around the holidays.

that’s why we encouraged our fans to take the 21-day #dgchallenge in the days leading up to thanksgiving. well, The Results ARE IN! See each of our Daily Greens’ Ambassadors FEEDBACK FROM THEIR Journey’s Below.


Norris Frederick
Professional Athlete/Long Jumper 11x NCAA All American 5x Conference Champion 3x Indoor U.S Bronze Medal Member of Team USA.                                                                                           
Instagram: @NorrisFrederick





Julianne Hall
Holistic Health Coach, Vegan, Farm Girl on Long Island
Instagram: @Hashtagvegan








Ashley Rollins
Sports Performance Nutritionist. Online Coaching & AFM Best of Austin Personal Trainer 2016 & Running Coach
Instagram: @swiftrunning.fit




Ashley Sornsin                                                                                Entrepreneur, Nutrition and Fitness Enthusiast
Instagram: @AshleySornsin









Lora Ulrich
Coach, Trainer, Speaker, Wellness and Nutritional Enthusiast
Instagram: @LoraUlrich