Don’t Worry, We’re Certified Organic!

Daily Greens™ strives to only use the highest qualities of greens. Why? Because our bodies – and our taste buds – deserve it! If you’ve ever done a blind taste test, then you know exactly what we mean. Few things are more scrumptious than a sweet, organic strawberry or more delectable than a juicy, non-GMO bell pepper.

Organic and non-GMO produce contains fewer chemicals in forms of pesticides and herbicides. Commonly used to maximize production and kill insects on conventional farms, these chemicals are only recently being studied for their impact on human health. In addition to being directly linked to numerous serious health disorders, they are also linked directly to the contamination of our groundwater, lakes, rivers and oceans (Organic Trade Association, Non-GMO Project). Due to the lower levels of toxins, organic produce also contains higher levels of nutrients and antioxidants than conventional counterparts (Organic Trade Association).

Last, but not least, by buying organic and non-GMO produce, you are supporting farmers who are using sustainable farming practices that protect and rehabilitate the soil, as well as preventing further contamination of our environment by using natural fertilizers and pest repellents and eliminating the use of poisonous pesticides and fertilizers (Organic Trade Association, Non-GMO Project). It is true what they say: “Vote with Your Dollar!” Through the power of the consumer, we can tell business what we want and expect from our food!

We understand organic and non-GMO can be a bit pricey for those shopping on a budget. But there’s good news! The good people at Environmental Working Group (EWG) have compiled a list of the 12 dirtiest and 15 cleanest fruits and vegetables to help shoppers make informed decision at the grocers. Check it out here!