This is #HowICleanse

The beauty of the Daily Greens™ 4-Day Seasonal Cleanse is its simplicity and versatility! In addition to being a gentle alternative to strict juice cleanses, the Daily Greens™ Cleanse leaves room for your creativity and taste buds to go wild. All you need to do is following these brief guidelines:
  • Eliminate coffee, alcohol, animal products (including dairy), gluten and grains
  • Infuse your body every day with vital nutrients via 3 green juices (i.e. breakfast, lunch and afternoon snack)
  • If you’re hungry during the day, snack on raw, fresh fruit
  • For dinner, load up with fiber from fresh, raw veggies – for recipe inspiration, check out our Seasonal Cleanse Recipes
And that’s it; the rest is up to you and your body!


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