The Mini Juice Fast


I discovered the first way to detox my body was to conduct a mini juice fast every day. So I replaced my usual breakfast with a green juice – a practice that I continue to this day. On an empty stomach, the juice makes its way through the intestines in minutes. While I give my digestive system a break from the hard work of digesting solid food in the morning, I also infuse my body with a huge flush of vital nutrients and minerals. My first meal of solid food is always lunch. This creates a mini juice fast of eighteen hours or more each day, from dinner until lunch the following day. Even though I don’t consume solid food until lunch or later, I don’t experience low blood sugar, hunger pangs, or any of the other symptoms one would expect from skipping a solid breakfast in favor of a low-calorie green juice (my juices are approximately 100 calories or less). The most important benefit of the mini juice fast is that I’m full of energy all day long.

– Shauna R. Martin, Daily Greens™ Founder and CEO, Author of Daily Greens™ 4 Day Cleanse Book