Eating Seasonally

Wondering why Daily Greens has four cleanses, one for each season? Our founder, Shauna R. Martin, started doing these four-day cleanses every couple of months and fell into a rhythm of doing one at the beginning of every season. She started by doing one the first week of January to start the new year off right. She would do another one as soon as spring arrived, feeling the need for a good spring cleaning. She would do one the first week of summer to kick off swimsuit season in style. And she also loved doing a back-to-school cleanse, as she started her fall routines. The different recipes featured in the Daily Greens™ seasonal cleanses are based on Shauna’s on philosophy for consuming fruits and vegetables that are in season or available from her local farmers market.

There are three very important reasons to east seasonally:

  • 1. Ideally, fruits and vegetables are harvested when they are ripe. This is when they contain the highest level of nutrients they will ever contain during their life cycle..
  • 2. Eating foods in season often means you can select your produce from your local farmer or farmers market and lessen the environmental impact of shipping produce across the country.
  • 3. Finally, eating seasonally will save you money. The price of produce is lower when it is in season and available locally.

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