Why Cleanse?

You’ve probably heard diet advice over the last couple of decades indicating that you should be eating very small meals every two or three hours. Sound familiar? But this type of diet doesn’t give the digestive track a break. The theory behind juice cleansing is that it gives the body the opportunity to rid itself of toxins.

During your 4-Day Cleanse, you will drink three green juices daily while eating sufficient raw fruits and vegetables to maintain a normal level of energy throughout the day. This will create an extended period of fasting throughout the day that will allow your body to start gathering up and expelling toxins (the juice does not count as food since it will immediately assimilate into the bloodstream when consumed on an empty stomach). Because the green juice recipes in the Daily Greens™ 4-Day Cleanse book are low in sugar, you may need to consume additional fruit or vegetables to maintain a normal level of blood sugar and sufficient energy to go about your daily routine. Note that you should also drink plenty of water throughout the day as you don’t want to get dehydrated. Plus, drinking water will assist in flushing out toxins from your body.

All of the Daily Greens™ green juices are low in sugar and can be substituted for the green juice recipes provided in the Daily Greens™ 4-Day Cleanse Book. While substituting a bottle of Daily Greens for a homemade juice is a great time-saving measure, We still highly recommend making some of your own green juices as well. You might come up with your own perfect green juice blend!

In the evening, you will prepare a delicious raw vegetable appetizer and salad to eat for dinner. These recipes can all be mixed and matched depending on what you have available in your fridge. We also encourage you to improvise and substitute your own raw vegetable dishes. The idea is simply to consume a big raw vegetable dinner in order to provide your body with sufficient fiber and roughage to get your bowels moving and expel all those toxins that you have accumulated during your day of juice fasting (this may occur immediately or the next morning). Repeat this cycle for three more days, and we promise your body will thank you for it!