Pre-Cleanse Tips

So you’ve decided to do the Daily Greens™ 4-Day Fall Cleanse, now what? During your cleanse, you will need to eliminate several items from your diet. Some of these will be tough, but do make the effort. You’ll be happy you did.


Coffee can be a diuretic causing dehydration, which is counter-productive to your cleanse goal of fully hydrating and cleansing your body. Other negative effects that coffee can have include acid reflux and an increase in heart rate. Coffee can also increase the body’s level of the hormone cortisol, which can lower the activity of the immune system.


As you’ve probably suspected, alcohol is not conducive to cleansing. It is dehydrating, spikes blood sugar levels, causes inflammation, and adds “empty” calories that are devoid of nutrients. Drinking alcohol in any form, including wine, is simply not productive during a cleanse.

Refined and Packaged Foods

Refined and packaged foods are not usually what I consider “real food,” as they contain countless preservatives and added mystery ingredients. As a rule, if a package contains any ingredients that I don’t recognize or can’t pronounce, I will not buy it. These refined and packaged foods are at the heart of the current food and health crisis we have in America. By eating these instead of whole foods, people are missing out on many of the essential nutrients provided by the latter. Plus, packaged foods often contain potentially harmful ingredients used as preservatives to extend their shelf life. Some of these packaged foods are “fortified” with artificial and chemically based nutrients like iron, calcium, and vitamins, but these are a poor substitute for the nutrients that naturally occur in real food. During your 4-Day Cleanse, you will enjoy the full benefits of a plant-based diet that is free of artificial additives, and you will see a dramatic difference in your mood and energy level.

Animal Products (Including Dairy)

Animal protein takes hours to digest and is not conducive to cleansing. It is important to eat foods that digest rapidly to give your intestines a break. Note that animal protein also usually contains toxins from pesticides that are used in the animals’ food supply, as well as hormones and antibiotics used to optimize production of animal protein. This places an even greater burden on the body to get rid of the animal toxic waste.

Grain Products

While cooked whole grains are an important part of a long-term healthy diet, they also take a long time to digest, and for some people, the gluten in many of these (wheat, rye, barley) causes inflammation in the intestines. One of the goals for your 4-Day Cleanse is to reduce inflammation and give your intestines a rest, so it is best to eliminate cooked grains while cleansing.