Take the 21-Day #DGChallenge

When you think of November, what is the first thing that comes to mind? Turkey? Cranberry sauce? Dressing? Yep. We think of Thanksgiving too. 

Thanksgiving is a beautiful time to share delicious food with our closest loved ones while creating memories that will last a lifetime. But there is a downside to this joyous occasion and that is the sluggishness and heaviness we all feel from overindulging on high calorie, high fat foods. With that, we introduce the 21-day Daily Greens Challenge

Jumpstart your health before the holidays by consuming a Daily Greens juice a day. It’s a great way to achieve optimal nutrition and invest in healthy eating practices before an inevitable Thanksgiving Day slump. With each 12-ounce Daily Greens juice you drink, you are consuming 4.5 pounds of organic produce!

Are you up for the #DGChallenge?

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