Daily Greens Releases Our New Line of Green Ades! A Healthy and Nutritious Way to Start the New Year

You don’t have to be “Green” to be GREEN!
Daily Greens is excited to announce the launch of our New Green ADE Line!

5 New Colorful Delicious Flavors packed with Powerful Nutrients and Green Superfoods!

Jicama-Blue Majik
Green LemonAde


Here at Daily Greens, our Core Value is Nutrition.
We pride ourselves in creating a nutritional drink with Green Superfoods and Ingredients that have Amazing Health Benefits! Five refreshing new flavors of great tasting juices filled with green superfood, low calorie and no added sugar! Made with Healthy Vegetables and the most Nutritious Fruits, each flavor has two or more detox cleansing properties ingredients:

Watermelon- Hibiscus: contains Chlorella and Hibiscus.
Orange- Turmeric: contains Chlorella and Turmeric.
Jicama- Blue Majik: contains Spirulina, Ginger and Jicama.
Green LemonAde: contains Blue Green Algae and Cayenne.
Cucumber- Basil: contains Chlorella and Basil.

Begin your New Year’s Resolution with Daily Greens Green Ades!
Hitting your local SW Costco shelves January 1st
Going Green Has Never Been Tastier!

Benefits of Each Green SuperFood

Benefits of Hibiscus
• Reduces High Blood Pressure
• Helps Lower Cholesterol
• Offers Liver Protection
• Helps Relieve Symptoms of Anxiety and Depression
• Benefits Weight Loss, Improves Digestion
• Helps Boost the Immune System
• Helps Improve Skin Conditions

Benefits of Turmeric
Turmeric, the main spice in curry, is arguably the most powerful herb on the planet at fighting and potentially reversing disease. It has so many healing properties that currently there have been 6,235 peer-reviewed articles published proving the benefits of turmeric and one of its renowned healing compounds curcumin. This puts turmeric on top of the list as one of the most frequently mentioned medicinal herbs in all of science and the most interesting finding is that when turmeric is compared to conventional medicine its benefits equal that of many pharmaceutical medications. One of the most powerful advantages curcumin has over the traditional medical approach is the lack of side effects.

Benefits of Chlorella
Chlorella’s rich green color comes from a high concentration of chlorophyll.
• Supports healthy hormonal function
• Promotes cardiovascular health
• Helps to negate the effects of chemotherapy and radiation
• Lowers blood pressure and cholesterol
• Aiding in the detoxification of our bodies
• Detoxifies Heavy Metals
• Detoxifies Radiation and Chemotherapy
• Supports Your Immune System
• Promotes Weight Loss
• Makes You Look Younger
• Fights Cancer
• Lowers Your Blood Sugar and Cholesterol

Benefits of Jicama (pronounced hee-ka-mah)
• Great source of Vitamin C and does not contain any fat!
• Promotes Good Digestion
• Prevents Constipation
• Lowers Cholesterol Levels
• Prevents Cardiovascular Disease
• Brightens Skin
• Helps Maintain Normal Blood Sugar
• Strengthens the Immune System
• Prevents Cancer
• Maintain Healthy Metabolism
• Helps in Weight Loss

Benefits of Blue-Green Algae
• Contains 70% vegetable protein and has higher levels of beta-carotene than broccoli.
• Contains a high concentration of nutrients- over 65 vitamins, minerals and enzymes and the complete spectrum of eight essential amino acids and ten nonessential amino acids… that are all easily absorbed by the body acting as an amazing anti-oxidant.

Benefits of Cayenne Pepper! Known as the “Healer”
• Relieves Migraine Pain
• Prevents Blood Clots
• Provides Detox Support
• Relieves Joint and Nerve Pain
• Supports Weight Loss
• Works as Anti-Irritant
• Treats Psoriasis
• Boosts Metabolism
• Source of Vitamin A
• Prevents Allergies
• Possible Anti-Cancer Agent

Benefits of Basil
• Basil is well-known for its immunity-enhancing properties
• Basil extract is proven to help prevent a wide range of health conditions, which makes it one of the most important medical herbs known today
• Acts as an Anti-inflammatory
• Antioxidant
• Cancer-fighter
• Pain-reducer
• Fever-reducer
• Diabetes-preventer
• Liver-protector
• Blood vessel-protector
• Anti-stress solution and Immune-booster

Benefits of Spirulina
This blue-green algae is a freshwater plant that is now one of the most researched and talked about SuperFoods today. It’s blue-green, absurdly healthy and often overlooked or misunderstood. Spirulina is renowned for its intense flavor and even more powerful nutrition profile! Taken on a daily basis the health benefits of Spirulina can restore and revitalize your health!
• Detoxes Heavy Metals (especially Arsenic)
• Eliminates Candida
• Improves HIV/AIDS
• Helps Prevent Cancer
• Lowers Blood Pressure
• Reduces Cholesterol
• Lowers Chance of Stroke
• Boosts Energy
• Speeds Up Weight Loss
• Alleviates Sinus Issues

Benefits of Ginger
Ginger is surprisingly the most widely used dietary condiment in the world today. The therapeutic benefits come from gingerols, the oily resin from the root that acts as a highly potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory agent.
• Helps Prevent Stroke and Heart Disease
• Natural Remedy for Indigestion and Nausea
• Maintains Malabsorption (regular digestion)
• Boosts Immunity and Respiratory Function
• Kills Bacterial Infection
• Kills Fungal Infections
• Cures Stomach Ulcers and GERD
• Relives Pain
• Helps Prevent Cancer
• Naturally Improves Diabetes

You can find Green Ades here.

Crunchy Rosemary Salad

Here in Texas, there is a ton of rosemary that grows like a weed year-round. Rosemary is a hearty herb and adds a fun taste and texture to salads. Just make sure to chop it very finely, and don’t use too much.

Crunchy Rosemary Salad


  • Bowl of baby mixed greens
  • Handful of tarragon leaves, finely chopped
  • Handful of rosemary leaves, finely chopped
  • Juice of 1/2 lime
  • 2 tbsp hempseed
  • 2 tbsp almond oil
  • 4-5 raw crackers, broken into bits
  • 1 avocado, thinly sliced


  • Combine the mixed greens, tarragon, and rosemary in a salad bowl and toss.
  • Add the lime juice, hempseed, and almond oil, and toss again.
  • Season with sea salt to taste. Add crackers and toss gently.
  • Arrange a layer of avocado slices over the top and enjoy!
  • TIME SAVER: If you don’t have time to dehydrate your own cacklers, there are a number of brands that have started making wonderful raw crackers – including Two Moms in the Raw.

Pre-Cleanse Tips

So you’ve decided to do the Daily Greens™ 4-Day Fall Cleanse, now what? During your cleanse, you will need to eliminate several items from your diet. Some of these will be tough, but do make the effort. You’ll be happy you did.


Coffee can be a diuretic causing dehydration, which is counter-productive to your cleanse goal of fully hydrating and cleansing your body. Other negative effects that coffee can have include acid reflux and an increase in heart rate. Coffee can also increase the body’s level of the hormone cortisol, which can lower the activity of the immune system.


As you’ve probably suspected, alcohol is not conducive to cleansing. It is dehydrating, spikes blood sugar levels, causes inflammation, and adds “empty” calories that are devoid of nutrients. Drinking alcohol in any form, including wine, is simply not productive during a cleanse.

Refined and Packaged Foods

Refined and packaged foods are not usually what I consider “real food,” as they contain countless preservatives and added mystery ingredients. As a rule, if a package contains any ingredients that I don’t recognize or can’t pronounce, I will not buy it. These refined and packaged foods are at the heart of the current food and health crisis we have in America. By eating these instead of whole foods, people are missing out on many of the essential nutrients provided by the latter. Plus, packaged foods often contain potentially harmful ingredients used as preservatives to extend their shelf life. Some of these packaged foods are “fortified” with artificial and chemically based nutrients like iron, calcium, and vitamins, but these are a poor substitute for the nutrients that naturally occur in real food. During your 4-Day Cleanse, you will enjoy the full benefits of a plant-based diet that is free of artificial additives, and you will see a dramatic difference in your mood and energy level.

Animal Products (Including Dairy)

Animal protein takes hours to digest and is not conducive to cleansing. It is important to eat foods that digest rapidly to give your intestines a break. Note that animal protein also usually contains toxins from pesticides that are used in the animals’ food supply, as well as hormones and antibiotics used to optimize production of animal protein. This places an even greater burden on the body to get rid of the animal toxic waste.

Grain Products

While cooked whole grains are an important part of a long-term healthy diet, they also take a long time to digest, and for some people, the gluten in many of these (wheat, rye, barley) causes inflammation in the intestines. One of the goals for your 4-Day Cleanse is to reduce inflammation and give your intestines a rest, so it is best to eliminate cooked grains while cleansing.

Why Cleanse?

You’ve probably heard diet advice over the last couple of decades indicating that you should be eating very small meals every two or three hours. Sound familiar? But this type of diet doesn’t give the digestive track a break. The theory behind juice cleansing is that it gives the body the opportunity to rid itself of toxins.

During your 4-Day Cleanse, you will drink three green juices daily while eating sufficient raw fruits and vegetables to maintain a normal level of energy throughout the day. This will create an extended period of fasting throughout the day that will allow your body to start gathering up and expelling toxins (the juice does not count as food since it will immediately assimilate into the bloodstream when consumed on an empty stomach). Because the green juice recipes in the Daily Greens™ 4-Day Cleanse book are low in sugar, you may need to consume additional fruit or vegetables to maintain a normal level of blood sugar and sufficient energy to go about your daily routine. Note that you should also drink plenty of water throughout the day as you don’t want to get dehydrated. Plus, drinking water will assist in flushing out toxins from your body.

All of the Daily Greens™ green juices are low in sugar and can be substituted for the green juice recipes provided in the Daily Greens™ 4-Day Cleanse Book. While substituting a bottle of Daily Greens for a homemade juice is a great time-saving measure, We still highly recommend making some of your own green juices as well. You might come up with your own perfect green juice blend!

In the evening, you will prepare a delicious raw vegetable appetizer and salad to eat for dinner. These recipes can all be mixed and matched depending on what you have available in your fridge. We also encourage you to improvise and substitute your own raw vegetable dishes. The idea is simply to consume a big raw vegetable dinner in order to provide your body with sufficient fiber and roughage to get your bowels moving and expel all those toxins that you have accumulated during your day of juice fasting (this may occur immediately or the next morning). Repeat this cycle for three more days, and we promise your body will thank you for it!

The Mini Juice Fast


I discovered the first way to detox my body was to conduct a mini juice fast every day. So I replaced my usual breakfast with a green juice – a practice that I continue to this day. On an empty stomach, the juice makes its way through the intestines in minutes. While I give my digestive system a break from the hard work of digesting solid food in the morning, I also infuse my body with a huge flush of vital nutrients and minerals. My first meal of solid food is always lunch. This creates a mini juice fast of eighteen hours or more each day, from dinner until lunch the following day. Even though I don’t consume solid food until lunch or later, I don’t experience low blood sugar, hunger pangs, or any of the other symptoms one would expect from skipping a solid breakfast in favor of a low-calorie green juice (my juices are approximately 100 calories or less). The most important benefit of the mini juice fast is that I’m full of energy all day long.

– Shauna R. Martin, Daily Greens™ Founder and CEO, Author of Daily Greens™ 4 Day Cleanse Book