Try one of our seasonal cleanses to kick start your way to a healthy new you!

What about Cleansing?

We do not believe in “crash” juice cleanses in which only juice is consumed for days on end, as these types of diets can result in many negative side effects including hair loss, loss of lean muscle mass, and blood sugar and electrolyte imbalances.

We do, however, recommend an extended 3-4 day cleanse every few months to give the body a jump start on long-term health. Our founder, Shauna, does a 4-day “Summer”, “Fall”, “Winter” and “Spring” cleanse four times each year. Shauna’s cleanses include at least three bottles of Daily Greens™ per day, but they also include as much raw fruit and veggies as one needs to feel full. By eliminating food that takes longer to digest and consuming only quickly digesting raw fruits and vegetables, this type of cleanse allows the body an extended 4-day period of cleaning. Sort of like a “Spring Cleaning” for the body.

Maintaining after a Cleanse:

A great way to maintain following a cleanse is to continue a daily regimen of drinking a bottle of Daily Greens™, preferably as part of an Intermittent Fasting* routine.

Start a Cleanse

Shauna’s New Year Cleanse
Shauna’s Spring Cleanse
Shauna’s Summer Cleanse
Shauna’s Fall Cleanse

*Note that cleansing/fasting may not be safe for everyone. We recommend consulting your physician prior to starting a cleanse or intermittent fasting routine.