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At Daily Greens®, we're driven to help people live their best lives. Shauna Martin, Daily Greens®' founder, discovered her passion for green juice and its benefits following her diagnosis with breast cancer as a young mom. As she continues her daily battle with breast cancer, Shauna makes sure she does two things every day: Give thanks for another day with her family and friends. And of course, drink her Daily Greens®.

The first batch of Daily Greens® juices sold out in just one hour at our local farmer's market. From that moment, Shauna knew her life would never be the same. Once you try Daily Greens®, we hope you'll be inspired to change your life for good.

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Daily Greens® was founded on the belief that green juices have the power to make life better. We all know green veggies are packed with rich nutrients, flavonoids, and fiber. Daily Greens® just makes it easier to get a delicious dose of green goodness into every body - every day.
We take 100% organic vegetables grown by farmers we know and cold press them into delicious green juices and kid-friendly smoothies Never heat treated, pasteurized, or watered down, each bottle is simply brimming with low sugar, low calorie nutrition your body needs.
To be at your best, be sure to get your greens the easy and delicious way.
We invite you to find a favorite and drink-in goodness, daily!
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We go the extra mile to ensure that our juices are brimming with the nutrients your body needs to be at its best.
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Every empty bottle of Daily Greens® supports young women in the fight against breast cancer.
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