"I have just tried my first bottle of the Renew flavor of Daily Greens™. Normally I love all kinds of veggies steamed or raw but have recently developed an acid stomach (probably too many snack foods and other junk we tend to eat during Holidays and football parties). Anyway it got so bad I could not eat at all without great pain. So, two days on a broth only diet, lots of tums. Feeling better but hungry so gradually introducing a high protein, low carb, low cal vanilla shake. That sit well but still craving raw veggies I usually eat, but afraid of going back to solid foods too soon. I noticed your Daily Greens™ at Costco so I decided to try it.


My first reaction to the taste was hmmmmm... then started to notice the fresh flavors. Took another sip, then another. Well I liked it so much I finished the whole bottle. So far, no negative tummy reaction and I feel great! So if continue to feel as good as I do now, I'm hooked! Thanks so much for sharing your story. It's always a pleasure to support local (Texas) business and get some healthy benefits in return!"

Annette Hall

"I just discovered this juice at Whole Foods and have been blown away by how they make me feel. I was a little put off by the cost at first but immediately after I finished the drink with my lunch I felt amazing. I went to run the trail later that day after work and felt so energized. I drank another one today in stead of coffee and it perked me right up!! I'm a fan and completely believe in this product."

Jewels Watson

"I am a recent convert to Daily Greens™, after my daughter was diagnosed with thyroid cancer and Daily Greens™ was all she wanted during her recovery period. I was somewhat reluctant to try it, but now I am glad I did because it is wonderful! My favorite is Vitality because of the extra amount of potassium, which I am always low in. I could actually tell the difference after drinking the first bottle. I am hooked!"

Pam Glass

"I am completely addicted to Enlighten... I find it delicious ... I do train a lot... long bike rides... run... and drinking Enlighten it does keep me up.. LOVE IT..."

Neston S

"I just found your juice at My Fit Foods in Irving. I love that place and love that they carry your products. I'm a big fan of juicing but don't take the time to do it myself. Thanks for doing all the work and letting me just love the juice!"


"I wanted to just take a moment of my time to write to you today and tell you how much my family loves your products, especially Harmony and Elevate...I brought these to work with me just this week and I couldn't believe how much I loved the flavor and quality of the juices. We live a healthy lifestyle and we can have peace of mind when drinking your products because we have such confidence in Daily Greens...Thank you so much for making great products that enable my family and I to make great memories around the table every week."

Samantha R.

"Hello, I promised a follow up since my first testimonial. It has been about 2 weeks since I started this adventure. I'm 5 pounds lighter, and feel great. My diet is high protein, very low carb and consists of high protein vanilla drinks plus at least one - two of the Daily Greens™ bottles per day, or more when I crave veggies or an occasional sweet.


I have added green salads with lean turkey or chicken. I'm amazed at how much energy I have and my brain function, occasionally "foggy" is now sharp as a tack. Noticed reaction times to various life events, dodging traffic with people texting while driving, focus and concentration is better than ever. Although I am certain some of the improvement is because of the high protein, without the speedy convenient access to Daily Greens™ I would have already fallen off my diet. I can tell when my body is craving "something" besides protein and that would usually find me digging into the chips, but half a bottle of Daily Greens™ and pow, no more craving for the bad stuff.


When the weather gets warmer I am sure the weight will come off faster, but for now, I think my body is adjusting to having more nutrition, less junk, and at this pace, I am expected to lose about >10 pounds per month. That is a healthy and sustainable weight loss for a mostly sedentary, computer bound person.


Thanks again and I would highly recommend anyone trying to lose weight, keep the Daily Greens™ bottle chilled in the fridge and grab one whenever you get that low blood sugar or "sinking feeling". Shake well and drink what you want till satisfied. Finish the bottle or recap and finish the rest later. Let's all get healthy and slim down for this coming Spring!"

Annette Hall

"I absolutely love them! No joke, they're probably the best juices I've tasted in a long, long time. I savored all of the flavors (and was impressed with how creative they are)."

Gena Hamshaw

"I tried several brands the first day I bought Daily Greens™ and it is definitely the best. The balance of taste to calories to nutrients was better than any other."

Zara C.
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