Maintaining My New Year’s Resolutions by Shauna Martin

It’s “easy” to maintain your New Year’s resolutions for the month of January.  Our friends and family often uphold a standard and help support each other through the first month. The real challenge is sticking with your resolutions throughout the year, particularly when it’s easy to lose passion and see others falling off the wagon. I have been challenging myself to maintain my top five resolutions, so far I am proud to say I have stuck to them, but it hasn’t been easy. When I find myself struggling, I self meditate, read inspirational quotes and find myself feeling stronger & motivated to keep on keeping on. I’d like to share with you a little recap on my personal resolutions and hope you find inspiration through my experience!

  • Drink a green juice everyday

Sure, you are probably thinking this comes naturally for me, but it’s doesn’t. I am human, we all have busy lives and sometimes it’s hard to crunch in time to make a juice at home or remember to have one throughout my day. Here’s where technology comes into play… setting a daily reminder to have a green juice has been a lifesaver! I love having an afternoon green juice to get me through the rest of the work day. It leaves me feeling energized and refreshed! #loveyourbodyloveyourself


  • Inspire others to eat less meat

Changing my diet from a meat eater to a plant based diet saved my life. It is definitely a life style change, but is worth the try even if you don’t intend to give up meat entirely. I challenge you to make it a goal to reduce your meat consumption. Share with me on social media how this challenge is going, I’d love to support you!

  • Eating Organic and encouraging others to as well

I travel often for business. I have found this resolution to be a toughest to maintain while on the road. How I maintain it is by skipping foods on the “Dirty Dozen Plus” list that the Environmental Working Group put together. These are the dozen plus fruits and vegetables that have the highest pesticide load. I pack organic snacks, fruits and veggies in my carry-on. As long as it isn’t liquid, it flys!

dirty dozen2

  • Run a half Marathon

If you’ve done it once, you most definitely can do it twice! Cross-training has helped me tremendously. When my day is too crazy to go for a long run, I pop into one of my favorite local fitness studios and catch a class.


  • Have my son learn manners

One of my New Year’s resolutions this year is to make sure my son learns manners beyond “please” and “thank you.” Cooper has started taking cotillion classes – where good manners and useful skills are taught as they relate to their young lives. It’s been a fun experience for me too to incorporate these teachings to our home life. He’s quite the gentleman. I am a very proud Mama!

shauna and cooper