Back To School Lunches

So dinner time and breakfast are a breeze, but eating lunch at the cafeteria can present a real challenge when you’re trying to get your kids to eat real food morning, noon, and night. But have no fear, it’s super simple to pack a healthy, kid-friendly lunch using simple, fresh, whole foods. With a few of these tips, your kids will be noshing on real foods while they’re at school.

  • 1. Have the right equipment
    In order to make the best lunch possible, it’s important to have the right equipment like an insulated lunch bag or box, ice packs, and some reusable tupperware or storage containers. Remember, kids need easy and simple packaging to open. Plus, you can help save the environment by not using plastic bags.
  • 2. Skip the lunchmeat
    We realize not everyone is plant-based, but most lunchmeat is incredibly processed. So when it comes to packing your kid sammies, mix things up a bit by using hummus, veggies, cheese, pesto, and don’t forget about a good old-fashioned PBJ (but make sure there is no sugar added of course)!
  • 3. Have fun and be creative
    Use a divided container to keep foods separate, use cookie cutters to shape sandwiches, fruits and cheese, write “love” notes to let your kiddos know you love them and care about what they eat. Have fun with it, you’re kids will love a little added personalty to their “brown bag” lunch.
  • 4. Make your own “Lunchable”
    Incorporate fresh fruits and veggies with fun dips like peanut butter, hummus, or your kiddos favorite salad dressing. Don’t be afraid to include some animal protein, just be sure to stay away from processed lunchmeat and focus on lean meats like grilled chicken breast, turkey, and organic cheese.
  • 5. Pump up the fruits and veggies
    Adding a Half Pint™ to your kids lunch is an easy way to ensure your kids are getting enough fruits and veggies each day. By blending cold-pressed fruit with greens, we’ve crafted a kid-friendly, nutrient dense smoothies – Greens for the Whole Family™! And, Daily Greens™ proudly donates 10¢ of every bottle sold to the Whole Kids Foundation™ to help provide school gardens, salad bars, and nutrition education for teachers and staff.