The Results Are In! The 21-Day #DGChallenge

with the weather cooling down and the year coming to an, it becomes easier and easier to shift into hibernation mode – lots of sleeping, eating and inactivity. this is particularly common around the holidays.

that’s why we encouraged our fans to take the 21-day #dgchallenge in the days leading up to thanksgiving. well, The Results ARE IN! See each of our Daily Greens’ Ambassadors FEEDBACK FROM THEIR Journey’s Below.


Norris Frederick
Professional Athlete/Long Jumper 11x NCAA All American 5x Conference Champion 3x Indoor U.S Bronze Medal Member of Team USA.                                                                                           
Instagram: @NorrisFrederick





Julianne Hall
Holistic Health Coach, Vegan, Farm Girl on Long Island
Instagram: @Hashtagvegan








Ashley Rollins
Sports Performance Nutritionist. Online Coaching & AFM Best of Austin Personal Trainer 2016 & Running Coach




Ashley Sornsin                                                                                Entrepreneur, Nutrition and Fitness Enthusiast
Instagram: @AshleySornsin









Lora Ulrich
Coach, Trainer, Speaker, Wellness and Nutritional Enthusiast
Instagram: @LoraUlrich







Daily Greens Dream Team #DGChallenge

If you need motivation for the #DGChallenge, follow some of our Daily Greens Ambassadors, who will all be taking the 21-Day Challenge, for ways to incorporate green juice into your daily lives.






Norris Frederick
Professional Athlete/Long Jumper 11x NCAA All American 5x Conference Champion 3x Indoor U.S Bronze Medal Member of Team USA.                                                         
Instagram: @NorrisFrederick





Julienne Hall
Holistic Health Coach, Vegan, Farm Girl on Long Island
Instagram: @Hashtagvegan






Ashley Rollins
Sports Performance Nutritionist. Online Coaching & AFM Best of Austin Personal Trainer 2016 & Running Coach


Ashley Sornsin                                       Entrepreneur, Nutrition and Fitness Enthusiast
Instagram: @AshleySornsin







Lora Ulrich
Coach, Trainer, Speaker, Wellness and Nutritional Enthusiast
Instagram: @LoraUlrich


Take the 21-Day #DGChallenge

When you think of November, what is the first thing that comes to mind? Turkey? Cranberry sauce? Dressing? Yep. We think of Thanksgiving too. 

Thanksgiving is a beautiful time to share delicious food with our closest loved ones while creating memories that will last a lifetime. But there is a downside to this joyous occasion and that is the sluggishness and heaviness we all feel from overindulging on high calorie, high fat foods. With that, we introduce the 21-day Daily Greens Challenge

Jumpstart your health before the holidays by consuming a Daily Greens juice a day. It’s a great way to achieve optimal nutrition and invest in healthy eating practices before an inevitable Thanksgiving Day slump. With each 12-ounce Daily Greens juice you drink, you are consuming 4.5 pounds of organic produce!

Are you up for the #DGChallenge?

Where will 200 miles take you?

Every year, our founder and CEO, Shauna and her sister participate in the Young Survival Coalition‘s Tour de Pink Ride as “Team Sisters” to raise $10,000 for young women affected by breast cancer. YSC Tour de Pink (TdP) is an inspiring three-day charity bike ride, with a one-day option,These rides are fully supported with bike and motorcycle marshals, support vans and ample rest stops. Hotel accommodations and meals are provided for three-day riders.
There are two upcoming rides in case you want to participate!
YSC Tour de Pink East Coast 10/6-10/8
YSC Tour de Pink West Coast 10/27-10/29

Breast Cancer Awareness Month 2017

As you all know, Breast Cancer Awareness is a cause that is near and dear to our hearts. After being diagnosed with breast cancer at age 33, our founder and CEO, Shauna Martin, started juicing green vegetables to help with recovery from chemotherapy and multiple surgeries. She is now a ferocious advocate for breast cancer issues and is devoted to sharing the life-restoring power of green juice with everyone. This October we are fundraising for Young Survival Coalition, an organization that provides support and resources to young women battling breast cancer. Let’s work together and make a difference so that no young women have to face breast cancer alone.
Just text DGPINK to 50555 to give $10 to Young Survival Coalition. For every $10 you give, we’ll match it!
For every heart-shaped pink $1 off coupon you redeem, Daily Greens will also donate $1 to Young Survival Coalition.

Race for the Cure 2017 and Texas Mamma Jamma Ride

We love that our CEO and founder, Shauna R. Martin was featured on this year’s Susan G. Komen Austin Race for the Cure poster. Shauna’s a breast cancer survivor of 12 years and this was her 12th consecutive year running. The Daily Greens team was in attendance too, handing out juices and cheering her, as well as all of the others, on.

Shauna is busy woman. The day before the Race for the Cure, Shauna also participated in the 9th Annual Mamma Jamma Ride as she does every year. The Texas Mamma Jamma Ride is dedicated to helping people in our local community facing breast cancer.

Daily Greens June Newsletter

Organic Tastes Great! We here at Daily Greens know that organically grown fruits and vegetables taste better thantraditionally grown food. But how do we know? First, because it just tastes better! And second, we have done our research-

*Did you know that a study was done by the BJN (British Journal of Nutrition) that revealed that organic foods have higher levels of antioxidants?  Higher levels of antioxidants affect a food’s organoleptic qualities – taste, aroma, and mouthfeel. Which means they taste better! And, since no pesticides are used, organic fruits and vegetables are under constant attack from bugs and blights of all kinds. This sounds like a bad thing, but it helps because when they are under attack, they ramp up production of their antioxidants, flavonoids, and phytochemicals. Resulting in a more intense flavor in the plant. In 2013, The National Restaurant Association also conducted a taste test, and survey and their findings support the idea that organic food just tastes better.

*If you still need more convincing on why to buy organic, consider this- it is good for the planet. Organic farming, by definition, doesn’t use harmful chemicals and fertilizers that contaminate rain and groundwater. Organic farming maintains healthy, fertile topsoil rich with biological matter, which limits erosion. And by purchasing organically grown products, you help organic farmers, and these guys need all the help they can get. Our dollars are sometimes more important than our vote, and if you choose to buy organic, you will support your local organic farmers.

So, organic tastes great, it’s better for you, and it helps out the farmers and our planet. Still not convinced – why don’t you try your own taste test? Buy one of each of your favorite fruit and vegetable, one organic and the other non-organic, and see for yourself!

We here at Daily Greens believe it and stand by it – that is why all the ingredients in our juices are 100% organic. Even down to the juice of the limes. It’s our commitment to you and ourselves. We want you to not only have the healthiest juice you can, but we want it the be the best tasting one!

Our Fearless Leader–Shauna Martin– Rides over 200 miles to raise money and awareness for the Young Survivors Coalition(YSC) in the Tour de Pink.

The Tour de Pink.

In April 2017, the founder and CEO of Daily Greens, Shauna Martin, along with her sister, Tamara, cycled over 200 miles from Orlando, FL to Palm Beach, FL. Both Shauna and her sister were diagnosed with Breast Cancer over twelve years ago, just three weeks apart. Shauna was 33 and her sister only 31. For two years, both women underwent treatment and eventually, double mastectomies. Neither of them will ever forget the battle they went through, and they know intimately how hard young women must fight today to win back their lives. The YSC South Florida Ride raises money and awareness for the Young Survivor Coalition, the premier organization providing supportive services and education resources for young women affected by breast cancer. Shauna rode too because YSC was there for her and her sister when they both needed it.

Since the moment she was diagnosed with breast cancer, Shauna has made it her mission to raise money for other young women battling breast cancer. Shauna also wants to increase awareness about her approach to living an organically enriched life which not only makes her feel better, but it also helps prevent cancer. (Shauna and her sister both have been cancer free since their treatment.) It was this mission that served as the inspiration to found Daily Greens. Not only is Daily Greens a sponsor of the Tour de Pink, but it also supports the YSC through an October campaign to raise awareness about the YSC’s organization and get Daily Green drinkers involved by donating matching amounts from coupons used by them to purchase a delicious Daily Greens juice.

When Shauna cycles (she rides a custom pink triathlon bike from she drinks a Daily Greens juice before, during, or after each ride.  Daily Greens’ cold-pressed juices are high in vital electrolytes that keep cyclists hydrated while riding. Her personal favorite to drink is RENEW.
Daily Greens also sponsored the ride and provided juice to each rider of the Tour de Pink, Florida. For more about our giving programs see-

Shauna’s choice when she rides her bike is our June feature juice- RENEW. Renew is perfect for before, during or after your workout and it’s also the perfect juice for during a ride. RENEW is hydrating and restorative. RENEW is infused with watermelon juice and it’s packed with celery, spinach, pineapple, lime, spearmint, dandelion greens and a touch of Himalayan Pink Salt. By drinking it, you can restore your electrolytes and increase your energy levels. And it tastes delicious.

An Interview with Lupus Chick


A few months back, we were lucky to meet Marisa Zeppieri, self-proclaimed “Lupus Chick.” As a new fan of Daily Greens juices, she had shared the story of her personal journey on Social Media — and what a story it was! We knew we wanted to know more, so here it is. Meet Lupus Chick! We think you’ll find her story as interesting and inspiring as we do.

1. You’ve faced a number of challenges in your life. Would you mind briefly describing some of the obstacles you’ve had to overcome?

Certainly. With all the challenges I have faced, I feel like a cat with nine lives. In my 20s, I was hit by a truck as a pedestrian. It took about a year for me to recover and doctors recognized the event as a trigger for Lupus symptoms to express themselves. Ever since my Lupus diagnosis in 2001, I’ve battled mini strokes, blood issues, a blood clot, heart issues, a brain aneurysm, vasculitis and Lupus’ daily aggravation of fevers, rashes and fatigue. I’m probably forgetting some but I try to focus on all of the great things that have happened in my life instead.

2. Can you tell us specifically about your journey with Lupus? How and when you were diagnosed and how has your life changed since your diagnosis?

As I briefly mentioned, I was diagnosed in 2001 later in the year. A few months into my recovery from the vehicular event, I started getting strange fevers, rashes, pain and ultimately a ministroke. There were enough things going on for a Rheumatologist to take notice and test me for a myriad of illnesses. Three weeks after testing, Lupus was confirmed. Lupus has changed all aspects of my life, I believe for the better. It forced me to reevaluate my career, things in my personal life, my faith and stirred a desire within me to make the most of each day, and to leave a positive imprint on the world.

3. Tell us about Lupus Chick. What inspired you to start it? What mission or goals do you hope to accomplish with Lupus Chick?

I started LupusChick in 2008 after meeting a lot of lupus patients who felt alone and were struggling with feelings of isolation and depression. Today we are a large autoimmune community and reach about 200,000 people per week via our website,, and social media. In 2015, I added a nonprofit segment to LupusChick to help patients with educational, medical and physician costs. That year we raised several thousand dollars and gave away five life enhancement educational gifts to lupus patients who were in college or a certification program. Education is extremely important to me and my prayer is we are able to continue to program in the future on a larger scale.

4. We understand nutrition has played a huge part in your journey. Can you tell us how nutrition and diet have helped you meet your goals and/or overcome your challenges?

I’ve always been fascinated by the human body, and was actually in Nursing school when Lupus reared its head. Through the years, I became more interested in how food, diet and supplementation could help some of my symptoms. Then in 2010, I had my worst season ever. A major flare left me with severe muscle wasting, heart issues, jaundice, and in the hospital where I was so thin and literally wasting away, I could not feed or take care of myself. I became wheelchair bound for about a year.
Being newly married, this was extremely difficult for me. My husband and I happened to watch Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead and it literally changed my life. We started to implement juicing daily and I began to see nutritionists and functional medicine doctors. Within three months, I was out of the wheelchair. I’ve never had to use it since. Juicing gave my body the nutrients it so desperately needed without my body having to expend energy. Six years later, I still juice about twice daily. In fact, I actually teach classes on juicing now in my community and online. It changed my entire life, and helped me get my health back on track.

Today, juicing, along with a clean diet that is mostly raw, gluten free, diary free and heavily-vegetable based, helps me keep many symptoms in check. It hasn’t cured my Lupus, I try to make that very clear to people, but…I am on the lowest medication I’ve ever been on in 15 years!


5. At Daily Greens, we believe that a healthy lifestyle – including drinking green juice – can have a transformational effect in people’s lives. Can you describe your transformation, and how you believe drinking green juice has empowered it?

I know how severe my state of health was back in 2010, and it had gotten to the point where even the doctors seemed to be giving up. When I find old journals, I see daily goals for the day that included standing on my own for one minute with no assistance, or walking from my bed to my bathroom without a walker. Today, it is hard for me to even picture being in that situation and it highlights the radical changes I’ve had in my health. Juicing provides me with the energy I need to get through each day, as fatigue is a major symptom of Lupus. I believe it has also helped me with my skin, hair and nails, and supports my immune system, as I seem to catch a lot less germs. Over time, it completely changed my taste preferences too and pushed me in a direction of only eating clean, unprocessed food.

6. You offer a juicing class – what’s your favorite juice to make? And when you’re not making your own, what’s your favorite Daily Greens green juice?

I’m big on greens, so I love to combine kale or collards with some basil, cucumber, celery and ginger. I will even add a little pineapple in at times to mix it up. On rare occasions, I will treat myself to a more fruit heavy juice such as pear, cucumber and mint. I am a sucker for anything with pear in it!

As far as Daily Greens, I can honestly say I loved each one I have tried so far. I originally bought a multi variety case from Costco and was pleasantly surprised how unique and tasty the juices were, and I loved the fact they were low in sugar and not loaded with fruit. If I had to choose, I would say Harmony is my absolute favorite. It has three items I adore – pear, ginger and fennel!

7. What lessons have you learned that truly surprised you?

Living with a chronic illness that has no cure has brought about so many great changes and lessons in my life. It has made me even more compassionate, grateful for easy days and simple pleasures, and made me very aware of the small amount of time we are truly given on this earth. In some ways, I feel like I am rushing against time, as Lupus is so unpredictable. So it is my mission to make the greatest positive impact possible on the lives of others in whatever time I have left here.

8. Any great advice you’ve received along the way that you wouldn’t mind passing on?

As far as my personal life, my husband always reminds me to “be flexible.” And, with a chronic illness, I don’t think there is any other way to be. Surprises happen, flares happen out of nowhere, and we can only control so much of our life. Being flexible and in some ways spontaneous, has greatly reduced stress in my life.

In my “business” life, I’m grateful for the advice I have received over the years to dig deep and determine what makes you or your brand unique, and to run with it. When you focus on what makes you distinctive and stop comparing you or your brand to others, incredible things begin to happen!


Hike or Bike?

Pool or Ocean?
Ocean, no…pool. Tough! I am obsessed with the water.

Fiction or Non-fiction?
Non-fiction all the way.

Favorite fast healthy meal?
Collard wraps filled with brown rice, black beans, cilantro, red cabbage, sunflower seeds, cumin and a dab of salsa! I make a bunch at one time and they are great to eat on the go!

Write a Haiku about your journey.
Life ever changing,
Grateful for love, laughter, hope.
Lupus will not win.

Photo Credit: Cassandra Ewert Photography
Photo Credit: Cassandra Ewert Photography

Thank you so much for interviewing me about LupusChick and my juicing journey! I am so thankful for DailyGreens.

Find LupusChick online at: