EAT & DRINK ORGANIC! Cleanse Your Body & Mind
Each morning, begin your day with a glass of lemon water or Daily Greens® Green Lemonade, a bottle of Daily Greens® green juice and a cup of organic green tea if desired.
Throughout the day, continue to hydrate your body with two more bottles of Daily Greens® green juice. If you are feeling a little hungry, it's okay to snack on raw fruit or vegetables.
At dinner, equip your body with fiber and roughage with a large, raw vegetable meal.
Twelve bottles of Daily Greens® green juices (to drink 3x per day) plus 4 bottles of Green Lemonade (if substituting Green Lemonade for lemon water)

A wide variety of raw fruits, raw veggies and salad fixings

Your favorite organic green tea
How do I prepare for the cleanse?
A week before the cleanse, switch from black coffee to black tea. Drink green smoothies or green juices from breakfast and limit meats and grains to dinnertime.
What will I need to eliminate during the cleanse?
Coffee; alcohol; refined and packaged foods; animal products (including dairy); and gluten and grains
How do I end the cleanse and maintain after the cleanse?
Slowly integrate meats and grains back into your diet, while continuing to drink green juices or smoothies for breakfast as part of an intermittent fasting* routine.
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Note that cleansing and inermittent fasting may not be safe for everyone. We recommend consulting your physician prior to starting any cleanse or intermittent fast.

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